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Laser 5 Aix-en-Provence Puyricard

Medical Center   Dr LEDERLE

Hair removal

Blotchiness, Rejuvenation, Liver Spots, Red Birth Marks

skin thightening with monopolar radiofrequency

botox (forehead and crows'feet)

hyaluronic acid for wrinkles and facial volumes

scars and stretch marks


Dr LEDERLE Sylvie (diploma from PARIS University, last year of medical school in Boston )
Résidence La Touloubre, Bat A
75 av Jean Orsini
13540, Puyricard, Aix en provence

(large car park just in front)

phone number :04 96 11 28 66


Laser Equipment used:  Alexandrite laser and last generation IPL Laser     

 It consists of a system which gives off brief flashes of light (perfectly filtered and controlled). The length and intensity of the pulses vary depending on the type of skin, depth            needed and the objective you want to reach.
The light released will be absorbed by the hair pigments: the melanin, or haemoglobin.
These lasers can be used for different functions: hair removal, rejuvenation : removing blotchiness and liver spots ,and improve the texture of the skin .

A first appointment at the practice is  necessary before starting the Laser Treatment :                        
          -to analyse what has to be treated
          -to determine the type of skin
          -to evaluate the number of sessions needed
          -to give an estimate.
It is very important to meet before starting the treatment to be able to detect hormonal problems or to find out if a pregneancy or a current treatment could interact with the laser        treatment!
It is also important to explain the risks even if they are very rare .They occur especially with hair removal
          -hypo or less often hyper pigmentation particularly on tanned skins which can last few month but disappear with the other sessions and with tanning 
          -redness that can last longer than normal with sometimes little scabs disappearing after treatment with healing and cortisone creams .
          -very exptionally an allergic oedema can occur  but oral cortisone for few days will treat it and pigmentation problems often associated will disappear slowly


Hair removal

Alexandrite laserr gives off brief flashes of light whose length and intensity vary depending on the type of skin and width of the hair.
The light sent out will be absorbed by the pigments in the hair. This absorption causes a brief heating of the hair, and destroys it. Only the hair in the growing stage would be destroyed, and would not grow again.
This is why your treatment will include at least 5 sessions. 


Blotchiness and red birth marks

Blotches (patches of redness marked with small blood vessels) are unattractive.
The light released will be absorbed by the haemoglobin contained in the blood vessels causing a brief heating of the vessels and will result in their destruction.
For this treatment, several sessions will be necessary (normally 3 to 5  ).
Solar protection will be needed after the treatment, as well as an annual treatment which will consist of one session.
after the treatment redness is frequent but disappears quickly with healing creams or local cortisone and sometimes some little bruises can appear which can last up to 2 weeks but can be hidden by covermarks
Red birth marks can also be treated (even big ones ) with a great improvement but more than 5 sessions will be needed


Liver Spots

Liver spots develop with age and sun exposure, on the face, neck area, and on the back of the hands.
Liquid nitrogen is a traditional treatment, but it may leave some white marks.
In the present day, these spots can be treated by several lasers, including the Alexandrite laser and the pulsed light laser.
The light released will be attracted by the melanin in the spots.
1 to 5 sessions will be necessary for this treatment.


Photo Rejuvenation

Repeated sun exposures as well as ageing result in the appearance of wrinkles, liver spots, blotchiness and the damage of conjunctive tissue.
Sessions of treatment with the pulsed light Laser can improve the appearance of the skin as well as the overall texture.
3 to 5 sessions will be needed to obtain the rejuvenation effect;these sessions will be spaced out form 2 to 4 weeks depending on what is being treated.
Sun protection is essential during and after the treatment.



 Monopolar radiofrequency is used mainly for skin tightening, especialy for the lower part of the face or neck. But it can be also used on other parts of the body.
 It consists of sending waves in the lower part of the skin (conjonctive tissue) increasing the heat locally. This deep heat will stimulate the conjonctive cells and stimulate the synthesis of new fibers; collagen and hyaluronic acid. At least 5 sessions will be needed for a full result tightening the skin , with a session every 3 or 4 weeks.
 The upper part of the skin is protected by a refrigerated gel and the sensation perceived is just a mild heat. Patients can be a little red after the treatment but it doesn't last longer than half an hour.
It's possible to use this treatment on tanned skin.

Only pregnant women or patients with pacemakers cannot be treated.




Prices :

Prices vary depending on the surface treated. The prices can be reduced if several zones are treated at the same time.
In general, for a session, the prices vary from 60€ (for a small zone) to 500 € (for a very large zone).

Other aesthetic treatments offered:

These dermatologists also offer, at their practices other aesthetic treatments:

      - Treatments of red spots
      by radiofrequency

- Microsclerosis
     the treatment of exposed small veins of the legs  
         by the injection of sclerosing products  
         by radiofrequency

- Superficialor deeper peeling
        with fruit acids to improve skin condition
          with trichloracetic acid to improve texture ,aspect and wrinkles

     - Treatment of scars (post surgery or post acne) and stretch marks 
          with trichloracetic peelings
        with fractional CO2 laser

      - Filling in wrinkles and facial volumes
       with resolvable products (hyaluronic acid)



- Botox: for wrinkles on the forehead, eyelids, and crow’s feet.


These aesthetic treatments are eligible for repayment by the French social security.